Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Happy Birthday Lukers!

     I think I may be the worst mother in the world. I finally got my act together and had a first birthday party of sorts for Luke. It is only 2 months late. I have been meaning to do one, but all of everyone's schedules never matched up and then it just didn't. So he has actually had a couple of different parties that I will put pics from in his book and then he will think he had the most ultimate party ever. Shhh, don't tell!

Another Halloween :)

Yes, it is past Halloween now, but I haven't posted anything in months so that shouldn't surprise.  I thought that I should post pics of my kiddos Halloween costumes because they were cute . . . pretty much the only reason :) 
We spent this year Halloween in Fairview because I wasn't sure if Vernal had a "trunk-or-treat" and I don't like Halloween anyway so if my kids are going to get any Halloween joy, it will be through a conveyor belt style of trick-or-treating. It was a success though and everyone loved Cambria's costume. I found the idea online and think it turned out pretty well :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There are so many other things that I should be doing right now instead of wasting time on the computer. Sometimes you just have to say to heck with it all and have one of those days. Today is such a day. This morning Cam climbed into bed with me and fell asleep. I woke up shortly after to find that she had climbed the kitchen cupboards , gotten the chocolate frosting and proceeded to paint everything in my house a nasty brown hue. She was so proud of herself though that it was impossible to get mad at her. Like they say, don't get mad, take pictures :)

Rob finally started with Halliburton last week and so far likes it. . .I guess. He is still in that boring new hire phase of just doing paperwork and safety and stuff like that. All very much needed, but a little boring at the same time.

Another piece of news, Luke has finally decided to sit up on his own! Yay! He hasn't before and it was driving me crazy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Made It!

 We are back! I don't have enough energy to figure out how to size these pics better, but they give you an idea of what kind of fun we are having in Vernal :) We have been here for 5 days and I love it! We packed up everything and headed off. Grandma and Grandpa Anderson took the kids to a track meet sot hat Rob and I could work on getting up here and unload as much as we could without kiddos getting in the way. We got here and found that the gas had been shut off even though our landlady assured us that it would be on. So, needless to say, it was freezing here and we had no hot water! Chilly!!! We got everything unloaded and started to unpack. My mom, dad, Tara and Kyle came up to help us which was a lifesaver. . .although Rob and I had unloaded the Uhaul by the time they got there. . . :)

Life has been good here so far. The people are really friendly here and everyone just eats these kids up. Cam cracks everyone up Luke's smile will turn the grumpiest old man happy :)

Speaking of my happy boy, we are taking him to a pediatric GI specialist tomorrow and I am so nervous about it. He is in the 63 % for height but less than 2% for weight so he really off balance. He is still projectile vomiting like mad which is why we got the referral to go see a specialist. I am so relieved but every time we take him to the Dr. there seems to be nothing but bad news. I am trying to feel optimistic about this one though. It is his specialty to figure out the insides of kids, right? I can't believe the stress and the heartache and the frustration and anger that has come with dealing with this for almost seven months. It is heartbreaking to see my little boy, who is the happiest baby I have ever seen, having to go through this. Tomorrow will hopefully give us some answers. . .

Rob starts his job on Monday and we are so excited for that! It will be a lot of time away and long hours, but we are grateful for him to have this job.

I have decided that since we don't live by any family anymore that I will try harder to keep up on this and do better in the blog world than I have been, but for now the kiddos are needing to be put to bed. . .

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Been awhile :)

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. The combination of my camera being lost and Luke and Cam, it is a little bit crazy around here. I just thought that I would post a couple pictures of my cute kiddos and write something interesting later.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We have a September baby!!!

Luke decided to join us a little early :) three weeks early and I can't complain! He was born on September 26 and weighed 7lbs 4 oz and was 18 inches long. Cambria is totally in love with him, too much sometimes. She loves to give him hugs and kisses, not all of which are appreciated by her baby brother. Our little family of three has grown to a family of four :)

Luke Robert Lindsay :)